The comfort of being able to order medication from your smartphone or desktop from an online pharmacy offers multiple benefits. The pharmacy can suggest a 24-hour service, insanely great cheaper drug pricing, and more discreet than going direct to a high-street pharmacy or physician. It’s not hard to see why most online pharmacies have risen so rapidly in prominence. Although many e-pharmacy sites are legitimate businesses, you must use caution to bypass those who use the Internet to sell outdated, unapproved, or illegal health products. Like what we normally do, reviewing online pharmacies to help you make informed decisions about which vendor to rely on, get to know about Is this vendor legit? Is it worth your time and money?

Here’s an in-depth guide. Read to know more about the Transition Pharmacy review.

Pharmacy Providing Patients with Timely Access to Necessary Tabs

According to, Transition Patient Services (TPS) is certainly a pharmaceutical services organization that aids drive healthcare quality by addressing essential clinical gaps in care through enhanced medication access & adherence. Its vision is to deliver better access to health products for its patients & provide its consumers with effective solutions to support adherence as well as achieve the desired outcomes with greater assurance.

Indeed, TPS embeds quality management & dedication to ethics as well as regulatory compliance into the fabric of the company to offer proven merit & superiority to its consumers, employees, & patients served. TPS comprises a team of recognized physicians or health care professionals committed to enhancing patient care. It understands that thriving outcomes start with the patient & rely heavily on the proper use of medication.

TPS pharmacy acts as the first line in connecting every patient with the needed medication. Its unmatched expertise in healthcare supply chain logistics & its innovative approach to medication access allows the e-pharmacy to address its shopper’s need to provide timely & accurate delivery of health products directly to their doorstep. The pharmacy commits to excellent service in creating personalized solutions for each patient, including reimbursement & delivery options that make it easier for patients to begin & stay on their medication.

While TPS recognizes healthcare as a “people business”, it develops technology to aid bridge the gap between the cost-stressed health system & increasing patient drug demand. The pharmacy designs web portals & other great support technology that boost connectivity between patients, their providers, & their family as well as caregivers. Additionally, TPS offers a wide range of services for providers, patients, & partners.

Is Transition Pharmacy a Legitimate Company?

Indeed, TPS is legitimate since it has everything required for successful direct-to-patient medication delivery. It complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), verified with, & has an approval status on According to the pharmacy, it’s a licensed/registered pharmacy in all 50 States, has a complete, Nationwide Insurance Support & Pharmacy HUB Services with ”real-time” prescription data for coverage determination as well as benefit verification. Besides, it has a fully trained call center staffed with high-quality shopper service agents & pharmacy technicians to deliver the support necessary for the delivery of prescription & over-the-counter (OTC) products to a shopper address, physician’s office, & clinic. The pharmacy also has outbound refill reminder calls, auto-mail, auto-refills, automated notification for parcel shipment, as well as automated provider & patient communications.

Other compliance-focused by this pharmacy include successful audits by Boards of Pharmacy, internal audit processes, & client audits. It also meets the standards of Quality Management Software for SOP tracking & management, among other compliances.

Does the Pharmacy Require a Prescription?

The Transition online pharmacy sells both prescriptions and OTC meds. All prescription meds available on the TPS platform require the patient to register with an Rx from a licensed physician or healthcare provider. Consider that to access the website as a patient, confirmation of the prescription is needed. Sending prescriptions to is simple.

Here’s what a patient needs to do:

  • provide the patient info on Transition Pharmacy;
  • complete the prescription order form by making sure to include the cell phone number & email address (if available);
  • then FAX to 866-694-2555.

Or send prescription mail-order through E-Prescribe:

Name: Transition Pharmacy, LLC

City: Feasterville-Trevose

State: PA

Zip: 19053

Pharmacy type: Retail

NPI#: 1336325265

NCPDP#: 3989603

Once Transition Pharmacy receives the prescription, it then:

  • determines the insurance coverage for the shopper & work through any coverage barriers;
  • contacts the shopper to discuss payment options;
  • the shopper should expect a call from a (215) area code or via email;
  • once product payment is received, a shopper should expect to receive the package within a few days;
  • licensed, U.S.-based pharmacists are indeed on hand to reply to any questions the shopper may have regarding the needed medication.

Should you have any queries regarding Transition Pharmacy, please reach the pharmacy via (833) 235-7113.

Take note that during signup, there’s an option to opt-in to receive communications from TPS where you can expect to receive text messages about refill & payment reminders as needed to refill your prescription.

Available Sexual Enhancement Meds

Millions of men in the USA & across the globe are affected by sexual dysfunction such as erectile dysfunction (ED) & premature ejaculation (PE) and looking for efficacious ways to improve their sexual performance. This can comprise the use of various techniques, including the application of approved drugs that help resolve the problem & help to keep you & your partner happy.

There are plenty of male enhancement meds on the market. The famous ones include Viagra, Cialis, Stendra, and Levitra. All these meds have been certified by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and they have the same function but differ in terms of dosage & the duration of action. The best part about these meds is the availability of generics that work similarly but are available for sale at extremely low cost. Any man who is affected by ED can use any approved ED med – either generic or brand-name version.

The penis works when there is sexual stimulation & enough blood circulation within the penis arterial vessels. But when ED strikes, it’s difficult for a man to achieve and maintain a strong, hard, & fully erect penis that’s powerful enough to complete intercourse. Fortunately, the aforementioned meds help resolve the problem, making a man perform insanely great in bed. PE is another concern that makes a man orgasm & ejaculate semen momentarily than he or his partner would want. It frequently occurs before or shortly after penetration during intercourse.

Unfortunately, unlike other legit e-pharmacies where shoppers have free access to the meds they need, TPS works differently. The drugs it offers aren’t displayed on the pharmacy website. This is indeed a hurtful thing to experience from a certified e-pharmacy. Most patients would like to browse the pharmacy to determine if the drugs they need are available and to perform drug-price comparisons with other e-pharmacies to enable them to know which vendor serves their needs.

Other Types of Drugs Offered by This Drugstore

As mentioned earlier, the Transition Pharmacy doesn’t share the other types of drugs it offers. We believe the vendor offers every kind of treatment from antidepressants, osteoarthritis, chronic venous insufficiency, to ED meds that require a prescription to dispense, including those that require the use of needles and other medical sharps. Probably, the pharmacy also disclosed that it offers various OTC products.

If you need any health product such as a prescription for Limbrel (flavocoxid), EpiCeram, Fosteum Plus, or Vasculera from Transition Pharmacy Services, LLC, it’s best to register with a prescription to determine if it stocks it or offers you a solution to get the med you need. That’s because the pharmacy offers specialty pharmacy services.

Possible Discounts and Other Bonuses

A simple discount or coupon code for a prescription or OTC med certainly helps a shopper save a lot of money. The great pharmacy that puts the customer first & has a mission to provide genuine meds at extremely low cost also can offer money-saving coupons + discounts to help shoppers where economic options are their priority. Even though the Transitionrx pharmacy promises to offer its meds at the lowest cost, it doesn’t seem to offer anything related to price-reducing strategies such as the use of coupons, bonuses, & discounts. So, shoppers don’t have much to save from this vendor – even bonuses aren’t featured by the pharmacy.

Payment Information

By doing research, doesn’t seem to mention anything about the order payment options. That’s even after contacting the pharmacy for clarification. Certainly, providing different payment options for consumers is beneficial for them as it gives ease of payment, & shoppers are more likely to check out faster & sooner than if they had limited options. Due to credit card charges, some shoppers would have to opt to use other payment options such as bitcoin, PayPal, etc.

TPS takes security precautions to keep every shopper’s personal & credit card info safe. The e-pharmacy is on a secure server using the industry-standard encryption technology, HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure), & TLS (Transport Layer Security), which certainly establishes a super-secure connection to encrypt communications between the shopper’s computer & the pharmacy server.

Revealed by the vendor, in the process of completing a purchase through its website, a shopper is asked to provide contact & billing info. After placing an order at Transition Pharmacy, a shopper receives an order confirmation email.

Order Delivery Policy

All orders are shipped from Transitionrx pharmacy in Feasterville-Trevose, PA, from Monday through Friday. The pharmacy is licensed to ship within the USA & US Territories. Besides, the pharmacy only ships to valid addresses.

About parcel shipping, standard shipping is certainly free for all products. The expedited parcel shipping is available at an additional cost, & the shipping price can vary depending upon the type of product ordered. Certainly, the expedited shipping pricing is provided for shopper approval before any charge is added during checkout.

For refrigerated meds, the online pharmacy ships via Fed-Ex Overnight which is already included in the price. Take note that refrigerated meds are only shipped Monday–Thursday to certainly ensure there is timely, temperature-controlled delivery.

However, for all other orders, a shopper can expect the following mentioned shipping times. Comprehend that all prescriptions can’t be shipped until has a valid, verified prescription on file. Furthermore, the vendor asks its shoppers to allow 1-3 working days of processing time for all orders:

  • USPS first class: Takes from 3 to 5 working days depending on shopper location;
  • 2-day parcel shipping: Takes 2 working days;
  • next day shipping: Takes 1 business day.

Also, according to the pharmacy, parcel tracking numbers are available for all shipments. Note that due to COVID, parcel shipping delays can be expected.

Return & Refund

As stated, for the safety of its shoppers, Transition Pharmacy doesn’t accept returns for any prescription medication. For lost package claims, Transition Pharmacy doesn’t take responsibility for any lost or stolen packages. Once the shopper order leaves the pharmacy facility, it’s now under the care of the delivery service.

Nonetheless, in the event of a lost or stolen package, Transition Pharmacy encourages its shoppers to contact the support team immediately to report it. A Patient Advocate will certainly collect the necessary info & guide the shopper through the lost/stolen package process.

Pharmacy Location and Contact Details

The e-pharmacy is headquartered in Feasterville-Trevose, Pennsylvania, USA. Its hours of operation are as follows:

  • Monday – Friday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm, Eastern Time;
  • Saturday: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm, Eastern Time;
  • Sunday: Closed.

Its address is:

2540 Metropolitan Drive Str. 2546

Trevose, PA 19053

Contact details:

Phone: (866) 694-2553

Fax: (866) 694-2555

For any query a patient needs to get resolved, the pharmacy can also be contacted via an online contact form.

Our Rating

Certainly, Transition Pharmacy has a team of identified health care experts devoted to enhancing patient care. It comprehends that successful outcomes begin with the patient, & rely heavily on the appropriate use of medication. The pharmacy commitment itself to creating personalized solutions for each patient, including reimbursement as well as delivery options that make it easier for patients to start & stay on their medication.

Although the pharmacy complies with the HIPAA, verified with as a safe pharmacy, has an approval status on, & it’s a licensed/registered pharmacy in all 50 States, it indeed doesn’t seem to meet the expectations of its shoppers. The Transitionrx website isn’t friendly to the shoppers as it doesn’t display the health products it sells, has no discounts, and the customer support is poor. According to Google reviews, the pharmacy has a rating of 1.9 based on 49 reviewers. Besides, we tried to contact the pharmacy for additional info, and we are still yet to hear from them. Certainly, based on various pointers we used to determine the rating of an e-pharmacy; we give Transition Pharmacy a rating of 1.3 out of 5.

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