It’s said that nearly 96% of Internet pharmacies aren’t real pharmacies. Certainly, placing an order from rogue vendors can be hazardous to your health. Rogue e-pharmacies often represent themselves as Canadian pharmacies, but the reality is that they aren’t located in this country. Certainly, erectile dysfunction (ED) meds are indeed more popular with phony pharmacists. Counterfeit Cialis, Viagra, & other ED meds, as well as several other health products purported to be generics, have been seized at country-specific customs.

CanShipMeds Review

It’s indeed true that shopping for meds online can save you a lot of money & time, but take precautions to distinguish legitimate e-pharmacies from the fraudsters & black marketers. In this guide, we explore a Canadian pharmacy — Marks Marine Pharmacy review ( Is this vendor legit? How does it operate? What types of meds does it sell? Learn about Marks Marine Pharmacy in this insanely great guide & get our verdict if it’s a genuine e-pharmacy.

Fully Regulated Canadian Pharmacy with Licensed Pharmacists

Marks Marine Pharmacy (MMP) is a brick-and-mortar store inside a medical clinic. It also serves the local community in Vancouver, British Columbia. This pharmacy helps patients experience peace of mind knowing their meds ship directly from the fully regulated Canadian Pharmacy, dispensed by a licensed Canadian pharmacist.

MMP is the most trusted & real Canadian Pharmacy that provides consistent, reliable, & accurate dispensing of the highest quality meds. As a licensed pharmacy, it can deal directly with the shopper’s physician to obtain refills on the prescription once it runs out. The MMP is indeed working for its shoppers, maximizing convenience by saving them the trip to the physician. Certainly, MMP has a great reputation, serving the community for 47+ years. Because of the World Wide Web, the pharmacy is now available to reach new distances.

All info submitted to this vendor is strictly confidential. A shopper’s name & phone number are never added to any lists, & the shopper details are never solicited by sales calls.

Its pharmacists & other staffs are always friendly & knowledgeable. They offer personalized service, answering every shopper question thoroughly every step of the way so the patient/shopper can make educated choices for his/her health. It certainly offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

The e-pharmacy is pursuing excellence. Its belief is to be a reliable pharmacy that dispenses genuine meds and has a pharmacist available to provide education, guidance, & needed support. As revealed by the pharmacy, MMP has pharmacists & health consultants specializing in various categories of health. They can be reached by phone call & even via online chat.

Is Marks Marine Pharmacy Legit?

Yes, MMP is indeed legit. It’s certified by the Canadian government & the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia License #20888. So, no worries about its operations and trust issues. The pharmacy is family-owned & operated. As revealed by the pharmacy, its long-time loyal clients have become friends & feel like they are treated family.

Besides dispensing from its brick & mortar location in Vancouver, BC, Canada, MMP also has options to dispense shopper meds from its international fulfillment centers around the world (i.e., the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, & India). This aspect proves that the e-pharmacy is legit. It’s further ascertained to be legit due to its reliable customer support, disclosed contact number, and pharmacy location.

Additionally, based on Three Best Rated, MMP is legit since it’s among the top 3 best pharmacies in Vancouver, BC. The pharmacy passed a rigorous 50-point inspection, which includes everything from ratings, complaints, satisfaction, reputation, checking reviews, history, trust, & cost to the general excellence.

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Do You Need a Prescription to Buy Pills Online?

The MMP online pharmacy sells prescription meds. All prescription meds available for sale on the MMP platform necessitate the patient to submit an Rx from a licensed physician or healthcare provider before checking out. Consider that to access the MMP e-pharmacy website as a patient, confirmation of the prescription is required. Sending prescriptions to MMP is simple.

Here’s what a patient needs to do:

  • if ordering online: Fax MMP a copy of your prescription from your physician at 1-877–888-9805 or upload the prescription directly to the MMP site on your “customer profile” page;
  • if ordering by phone: Call MMP at 1-877–888-9265 (US-based number. No long distance!) & communicate to one of its patient service representatives. Additionally, if you’re not already a customer, then a patient service representative is assigned the responsibility to guide you through the ordering process & get your online account setup;
  • send your prescription: You can send MMP order documentation as well as prescriptions online through a convenient online form after signing in. You can also submit via text to 1-424-999-9265 or using the email address

You can also mail your documents to:

  • Marks Marine Pharmacy
  • 239 South East Marine Drive
  • Vancouver, BC
  • Canada, V5X 2S4

Having done so, you can proceed to order the desired med. The MMP pharmacy also has thousands of OTC medicines. Once the pharmacy has your prescription on file, it can always work directly with your physician to arrange for refills.

Sexual Enhancement Remedies Offered

There are millions of men globally who are affected by sexual dysfunction such as erectile dysfunction (ED) & premature ejaculation (PE). Many of them are looking for effective ways to better their sexual performance and make their partners fulfilled. This can comprise the use of various techniques, including the use of effectual & certified meds that aid resolves the ED problem, thus helping them lead a satisfying sexual experience. Men with PE (when you have an orgasm before intercourse or experiencing less than a minute after starting intercourse).

Due to the availability of both brand-name and generic meds to combat this condition, there are plenty of male enhancement meds on the market. The renowned ones include Stendra, Viagra, Cialis, & Levitra. All these ED meds are certified by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They have the same function in the body but differ in terms of dosage as well as the duration of action.

Most people are used to generic meds due to their low cost and ease of availability. Mentioned meds are also available as generics that work similarly but are available for sale globally at extremely low cost.

Unfortunately, unlike other legit online drugstores where interested shoppers have free access to the meds they need, MMP operates differently. The health products it offers aren’t displayed for shoppers to see on the pharmacy website.

However, the pharmacy has a unique feature — using a search box. Using the quick search form on the top of any page available from the e-pharmacy, you can search using either molecule (i.e., sildenafil, dapoxetine, or tadalafil), drug name (i.e., Viagra, Vidalista, Tadacip, Priligy, Cialis, Kamagra Chew Tabs, Silagra, Suhagra, Kamagra, etc.), or medical condition. The results are retrieved, where you can look up the med you needed that matches your prescription (some countries have different marketing names). Select the ‘Buy’ button to add them to your Shopping Cart and proceed to checkout.

Other Pill Categories on the Website

As mentioned earlier, the Marks Marine Pharmacy doesn’t share the other types of drugs it offers. We believe the vendor offers every kind of treatment since it has over 30,000 different brands & generic meds available in the pharmacy. The vendor specialty includes treatments for cholesterol (i.e., Zetia for high blood cholesterol), meds for pain relief, menopause, autism, Crohn’s disease, cold, flu, asthma, depression (i.e., Brintellix), diabetes care, eyesight, feet, fibromyalgia, digestion, dyslexia, cough, respiratory support, skincare, stroke, fitness, heart, migraine, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis, anti-sickness, (i.e., Domperidone), senior health, as well as kid’s, men’s, & women’s health, etc.

By searching the med you want (i.e., Insulin, Saxenda for anti-diabetic, or Advair & Sprivia for asthma & chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), the results retrieved are sorted by strengths, price list & other factors. Select a strength you need & select a package from the pull-down menu.

If you don’t see the med or dosage you are looking for, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t available from MMP. The pharmacy may be able to source it & suggest you call the support via 1-877-888-9265 or email them.

Available Promo Codes & Coupons

Promo codes, coupons, & discounts are valuable to most shoppers. It benefits the customers since they get the products they want for a lower price. Since MMP is an excellent e-pharmacy that puts the shopper first, it has a mission to provide genuine meds at extremely low prices, but we don’t see any coupons or discounts displayed on the pharmacy website. It doesn’t seem to offer anything related to price-lessening strategies such as the use of huge coupons, bonuses, & discounts. So, customers don’t have much to save from MMP e-pharmacy – even bonuses or flash sales aren’t featured by the pharmacy.

Shipping and Payment Options

CanShipMeds accept payment via Visa, MasterCard, Cheques, American Express, Money Orders, & Electronic funds Transfer (EFT). Its online pharmacy uses industry-standard security measures, as well as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to ensure a shopper gets a safe & secure online shopping experience. MMP has taken every precaution to make its shopper transaction very secure & all account info submitted to the pharmacy is extremely safe & secured. The pharmacy follows strict government regulations for storing shopper files confidentially.

After payment, parcel delivery is 100 % satisfaction. MMP asks its shopper for an allowance of 2-3 business days to process the order. They also have an alternative to dispensing shopper meds from their international fulfillment center in India. MMP offers 4 efficient shipping options to ensure the shopper receives the medication swiftly.

Shipping times include the following:

  • Regular Parcel™ shipping that’s trackable & cost $14.95: This parcel delivery takes up to 9 business days to arrive. It shipped via Regular Parcel™ ground delivery service & is ideal for large-volume shipping;
  • Expedited Parcel shipping: This costs $19.95 & takes up to 7 business days to arrive. The Expedited Parcel™ is swift, cost-effective ground shipping from Canada. All products are trackable & have on-time guarantees;
  • Express Parcel (Airmail): It costs a $25 shipping fee & takes 4 to 5 working days to arrive. A signature is needed. You can certainly preapprove your signature with Take note that when ordering overseas & Canadian within the same order, only the $25 Express Parcel will be charged. Shopper overseas shipping will be free;
  • Overseas Parcel costs $15 & takes 12-20 working days (3-4 weeks) to arrive.

For any questions regarding MMP pricing plans (such as mentioned above), don’t hesitate to contact the support via 1-877-888-9265.

Order Refunds Policy

As stated, for the surety of its consumers, CanShipMeds accepts returns if a shopper isn’t completely satisfied with the purchase within 14 days & you receive a full refund provided the product is unopened.

What Are the Other Features of Marks Marine Pharmacy?

There are some informative features offered by MMP. It has an entire section of its website dedicated to informing its shoppers on how to order, how it specializes in shipping Temperature Sensitive Meds to America with huge savings, FAQs, and an informative blog. It also has a dedicated page helping its shoppers to upload their Rx.

Certainly, the MMP website’s user interface (UI) is greatly designed. It has links to all the important sections visibly laid out for easy accessibility as well as flow around the different web pages. Because it has social profiles, the pharmacy makes some of its content available via its social media platform.

Pharmacy Location & Contact Info

The pharmacy business hours are from Monday to Friday: 8 am to 5 pm; Saturday: from 10 am to 2 pm. MMP can be contacted using the following contact info:

  • Phone: 1-877-888-9265
  • Text: 1-424-999-9265
  • Fax: 1-877-888-9805
  • Email:

Its physical address is:

  • Marks Marine Pharmacy
  • 239 SE Marine Drive
  • Vancouver, BC
  • V5X 2S4

Owned & Operated by:

  • Marks Health & Wellness
  • 205 S.E. Marine Drive
  • Vancouver, BC
  • V5X 2S4

Take note that the Canadian orders are dispensed by:

  • Marks Marine Pharmacy
  • Pharmacy Manager: Robert Rosenblatt Bsc Pharm

You can also use an online contact form. However, if you want faster service, MMP has an online live chat on the bottom right, always available from 8 am to 10 pm. You can also send MMP a text to a USA number to save you on messaging fees. You can text at 1-424-999-9265, or you can call at 1-877-888-9265.

Our Rating

We can confirm that CanShipMeds is legit & a trustworthy drugstore. Buying from CanShipMeds is indeed fast & easy. You can order online either by mail, by calling one of its Patient Service Representatives at 1-877–888-9265, or by visiting the pharmacy website & by searching the med you want.

The platform has various reviews within the website & this can be a huge indication that its seemingly excellent reputation is not a facade. It also has a rating of 4.5 (with fewer complaints) on the platform based on 111 reviewers at the time of writing this guide. It also has a similar rating on However, its CanShipMeds Trustpilot profile has no review at the time of writing this MMP pharmacy review. Due to this, we believe the MMP pharmacy is popular in Canada & USA but isn’t popular globally compared to other popular e-pharmacies that have a strong online presence. Because of this, we give the MMP pharmacy a rating of 4.4 out of 5. Nonetheless, the vendor has an excellent support team & an informative pharmacy website. Its contact info & physical location is indeed visible, & it offers genuine meds at favorable prices. Clearly, as usual, we advise that you conduct thorough research before placing an order with any e-drugstore.

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