An e-pharmacy that looks legit can be a front for an illicit operation. Any individual considering buying meds online should make sure the desired vendor is indeed legit & reliable. Shopping prescription meds from fraudulent e-pharmacies can be dangerous or even fatal. At best, counterfeit meds are fakes of authorized meds & should be deemed unsafe & counterproductive. Also, internet pharmaceutical shopping purports to save shoppers money. In some instances, this is true.


This time, we make a drugstore review. Is this vendor legit or fake? How does it operate? Read this guide to know the verdict.

Online Pharmacy with a Good Reputation Among Customers

In 2004, ProgressiveRx was developed to furnish an inexpensive alternative for anyone who can’t afford the meds they need. The e-pharmacy provides the highest quality meds & the lowest possible costs. Since it has a great reputation, it’s impressively the best vendor to rely on if drug pricing is your priority. As such, quality & efficacy have always been ProgressiveRx’s highest concerns.

The online pharmacy has grown from helping a handful of friends & families within its region to providing meds for thousands of shoppers each month across the globe. Certainly, the e-pharmacy is a proud sponsor of Hands to Hearts International (HHI), which aids change the lives of tens of thousands of the most disadvantaged children around the globe every year.

Additionally, ProgressiveRx has processes in Singapore, Canada, & Bangalore. It owns a retail pharmacy & pharmaceutical distribution center, & certainly, it has developed excellent distribution relationships with a number of the biggest firms in the industry.

Its meds come from the globe’s largest med manufacturers: AstraZeneca, Cipla, Aventis, GlaxoSmithKline, Ranbaxy, Merck, Pfizer, & many others. Remarkably, some are American companies & many are Asian, & undoubtedly, all are high-quality drugmakers who are either authorized by the US FDA or fulfill the World Health Organization’s “Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)” benchmarks.

Is ProgressiveRx Legit?

Based on what we’ve discussed above, ProgressiveRx is undoubtedly legit & a reliable vendor. Its office is in Bangalore, due to India currently having the most considerable number of FDA-authorized manufacturing divisions [for prescription meds] outside the USA.

As mentioned on the vendor website, it’s not licensed or endorsed by any Board of Pharmacy in the USA, nor is it part of NCPDP. Although the active component in every med that ProgressiveRx offers has certainly gone via the FDA’s new med application process, the e-pharmacy sells some authentic generics that aren’t yet entitled to be sold in the USA because of USA trade & patent regulations.

Regardless, the e-pharmacy distributes some meds that aren’t produced in US FDA-endorsed facilities. Certainly, many manufacturing units in Asia & Europe are endorsed by local regulatory bodies rather than the US FDA.

Nonetheless, ProgressiveRx e-drugstore, which is incorporated in Delaware due to favorable laws, isn’t authorized as a pharmacy in that state.

The e-pharmacy’s SIC code is 59,591 & it’s NAICS code is 44,4461.

Grab Free Samples

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Do You Need a Doctor’s Prescription to Order Pills?

The platform permits users to explore the needed med & furnish instructions for the frequency of repetition if they need it. Once the order is placed, the e-drugstore confirms the order only after obtaining the prescription via email.

This can be a reproduction of the authentic prescription or a duplicate/image of the pharmaceutical pill bottle only if your prescription has early been filled. The e-pharmacy only requires an authentic prescription replica of your remedy the first time you initiate placing an order for each med.

If you take a digital image of your written prescription or your medication pill bottle, you have to email it to the vendor using the email: If need be, you can also email the e-pharmacy a scanned copy or just fax your prescription to the e-pharmacy toll-free at 888-753-6401.

In summary, select the med you need by using the search bar; once you discover the med you require, select a 90-day dose or less & add it to the cart. Duplicate the process until you’ve all the prescriptions you require. Then proceed to checkout. At this setting, you can ask that one or all of your meds be automatically replenished by ProgressiveRx at a forthcoming date. Then you’ve to send the e-pharmacy a duplicate of your prescription using either of the earlier mentioned details. Certainly, if approved, your meds will arrive via USPS.

However, you may ask: “Can I put an order via phone?” Yes. The ProgressiveRx number is 800-400-0707. Nonetheless, as stated by the vendor, it’s still a small firm, so its shopper service line has restricted hours. It’s open from 9 am – 5 pm Pacific Time, Monday via Friday. If you are contacting them after hours, you can leave a voicemail, & it’ll get back to you swiftly.

Product Line to Improve Sexual Force

Men’s sexual health undoubtedly necessitates exceptional care because several aspects may affect sexual & also androgenic function.

Certainly, erectile dysfunction (ED), the incapability to acquire a firm & fully erect penis during sexual intercourse, as well as premature ejaculation (PE), a hurtful condition where a man ejaculates momentarily during intercourse than he or his partner would desire, impact millions of males across the globe.

Nonetheless, there are various authorized meds used to rectify ED. Besides, although the FDA hasn’t endorsed any med for PE, diverse promising solutions (mentioned below) are also safe.

ProgressiveRx’s set of meds for ED comprises the following:

  • Generic Viagra;
  • Generic Levitra;
  • Tadalafil;
  • Generic Stendra.

Meds presented by the e-drugstore to treat PE include Prozac. Put simply, scientific examination depicts that fluoxetine, the active ingredient in Prozac, is indeed efficacious as a therapy for PE. Specialists believe that Prozac’s usefulness as a therapy for PE is connected to the connection between serotonin levels as well as ejaculation. Other meds offered by the e-pharmacy that can be used to delay ejaculation include Wellbutrin & Paxil (paroxetine). Undoubtedly, paroxetine seems to be the most efficacious med for PE.

Other Medication Categories

ProgressiveRx offers other health products to treat other illnesses. Because the pharmacy doesn’t list the category of health products it offers, we urge you to use the search bar given on the pharmacy website to look if it offers the med you need.

Other than prescription & OTC meds ProgressiveRx offers, it also has pet meds such as sildenafil citrate, a med used to treat ED.

If you don’t notice your medication listed, the vendor urges its shopper to email them at If you request a med that it doesn’t presently sell they can provide it to you, the vendor will certainly give you a voucher for $10 off of your first order of that remedy.

Coupon Codes and Profitable Offers

ProgressiveRx is an e-pharmacy that provides health products at a discounted price repeatedly. Its drug pricing is indeed very low compared to other vendors that sell similar meds. The popularity of pharmacies like ProgressiveRx mirrors a growing market for alternative med supplies amid a backdrop of skyrocketing health prices. Indeed, Americans generally pay the highest costs for brand-name meds because, unlike Canada & many other countries across the globe, the USA doesn’t impose price controls on pharmaceutical firms.

ProgressiveRx’s company is solely one of the hundreds of e-pharmacies that have proliferated in contemporary years, occasionally offering discounts of more than 80% off U.S. brand-name med prices.

At the time of writing this review, although the vendor’s drug pricing is inexpensive, it doesn’t offer other money-saving experiences such as the use of discounts, coupon codes, & profitable offers. Regardless, you still get the med you need at an extremely low cost. That’s insanely great!

How about using insurance plans? Does this vendor accept it? No, unfortunately, in nearly all matters, this isn’t possible. Its hope is this will transform in the future.

Payment Options

The e-pharmacy accepts payment using e-Checks, checks, & money orders. It also accepts payment via Bitcoin (BTC). As an advantage, ProgressiveRx never stores buyers’ payment info, whichever technique is used to check out. This e-pharmacy undoubtedly takes care of your pocket. Significantly, it doesn’t levy too much for its meds.

Shipping Policy

All ProgressiveRx orders are sent directly from India to shoppers. It offers a few shipping options:

  • Standard Parcel Shipping, which takes just 21 working days globally shipping, with an average package delivery duration of 21 days, for just $7;
  • Expedited Parcel Shipping takes 7 to 14 days globally. The parcel delivery is with tracking & an average delivery duration of 7-14 working days, for just $18.

As you’ve noted, Standard Parcel Shipping is available globally, & Expedited Parcel Shipping is unrestricted in most countries. If these shipping rates seem high, the e-pharmacy urges its shoppers to comprehend that courier rates from Asia start at a min. of around $50 (UPS, FedEx, etc.). The shipping rates ProgressiveRx charges are truthfully below what it costs them to send packages.

Besides, it provides free parcel shipping on orders costing $99+. This offer is valid only if using standard parcel shipping.

Return and Guarantee

According to ProgressiveRx, it’s feasible to cancel your order until it has truthfully been shipped. If you need to do so, the vendor urges you to email or call them instantly if you require canceling your order. But, sadly, after the parcel has been shipped, revocation isn’t an option.

However, the e-pharmacy will indeed reship your order at its expense if it’s not delivered.

Does Drugstore Have an Affiliate Program?

Yes, it has an excellent affiliate program. Refer an individual & receive $25. The e-pharmacy is always examining ways to lessen its drug prices & make its service unrestricted to more individuals who need it. The “Refer a Friend” system at ProgressiveRx is a method to do both. The more shoppers it has, the greater its buying power, & certainly, the lower its prices can be. Maybe satisfactorily of all, it gives you & your referrer a gift coupon as a “Thank You” rather than spending on advertising.

After referring an individual, you’ll both receive a 25% off gift coupon satisfactory for their first order. You will also obtain a $25 gift coupon when each friend places an order. According to the e-pharmacy, there is no limit to the number of individuals you can refer to. Your potential friends must be new ProgressiveRx shoppers to qualify & must be at a distinct address.

ProgressiveRx Location & Contact Details

ProgressiveRx e-pharmacy can be contacted using the contact details given on its online pharmacy website:

  • Email:
  • Contact number: 1-800-400-0707

Mail to the address below:


PO Box 192

Vancouver, WA 98666


Its regular working hours are from 9 am to 5 pm Pacific Time, Monday via Friday. Certainly, because of the given contact info, ProgressiveRx e-pharmacy is indeed a legit & reliable vendor.

Our Rating

Undoubtedly, ProgressiveRx is one of the most acceptable e-pharmacies. It has a safe pharmacy website, nifty safe & affordable health products, sufficient payment terms & options, steadfast delivery terms, cost-influential shipping charges, etc. From a negative perspective, it has no regulatory permissions, but as long as the meds it furnishes are undoubtedly safe, the buyers are also safe & have nothing much to fret about.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t have a & profile. It has no user reviews. What is our rating? Based on various pharmacy pointers & our rating considerations, we believe that deserves a 4-star rating out of 5. In conclusion, the e-pharmacy seems to be legit & cost-effective, but it seems not to be famous among online pharmaceutical buyers, although its domain has been operational since 2004. If you want to choose another e-drugstore, you can have a look at other legit & reliable e-pharmacies we’ve inspected on our website.

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