Sourcing health products online makes life easy. It saves time, money, & energy that would otherwise have been put into booking a doctor’s appointment to get a prescription & queuing up at a local pharmacy to fill it.

KubaPharm Review

Every year, many new e-pharmacies spring up, assuring better drug costs & services, but not all of them can be trusted since rogue e-drugstores offer possibly dangerous prescription meds. has been around for quite some time. It claims to offer a variety of health products, but is it safe & legit? And if yes, is sourcing the offered products from the online pharmacy worth it? We answer these essential questions & more in this pharmacy review.

A Convenient Alternative to Traditional Expensive Pharmacies

Traveling & lining up at the chosen local pharmacy to grab a prescription can ultimately be extremely tiring & frustrating, especially when privacy is your concern. This, besides cost-effectiveness, is one of the major reasons why individuals (particularly those who can’t afford to miss doses) reckon e-pharmacies like

As stated by the vendor, KubaPharm is the most convenient & reliable alternative to traditional drug stores & costly e-drugstores. The e-pharmacy tries to keep its drug prices as low as it can without harming service & drug quality merely by cutting down costs where possible, particularly with low margins, small staff, batch shipping, & no physical distribution center. As revealed by KubaPharm, transferring their business to online realms ultimately reduced their maintenance costs by 50% & enabled them to offer their shoppers much more affordable drug prices.

Nonetheless, vendor promises aren’t adequate. Legitimacy & reliability are often what is essential. You will find everything you should comprehend about these factors in the next section.

Is KubaPharm Legit?

With so many phony e-drugstores dotted across the internet, the significance of verifying how reliable & legit any online store is before endeavoring to shop on it can’t be overemphasized. Certainly, KubaPharm claimed to be dedicated to preserving shoppers’ medical & personal info. All data it receives is legally shielded under physician-patient privilege laws. Its online ordering system ultimately uses the latest Secured Encryption Technologies, & all personal & credit card info is certainly submitted using the highest levels of technical security with all appropriate safeguards.

Regarding shopper privacy, as per KubaPharm, the info provided is never shared with other firms or third-party service providers. The shopper’s info, bank details, & transaction details will only be used to complete the transaction & provide you with the needed shopper service.

Now the big question is: is the KubaPharm legit? For starters, the e-pharmacy’s domain name was registered on May 25, 2020 — that’s a little over 2 years today. Certainly, the time it has spent operating the e-pharmacy business says something about its legitimacy. Indeed, fake online pharmacies typically function for a short period: they purchase a domain name, build a website, try to make all the ill money they can, & just disappear before they’re caught. They certainly wash, rinse, & repeat this process, obtaining new domain names all the time — this habit causes it practically incomprehensible for them to keep websites operative for up to 3 years.

The most awakening experience was when the Food and Drug Administration issued a notice to the KubaPharm for unlawful sale of Schedule II stimulants to US customers over the Internet & with no prescription. One example is the amphetamine drug that KubaPharm claimed to offer.

Secondly, there is a Trustpilot profile of the e-pharmacy with only two negative reviews. One user claimed that KubaPharm is a scammer who claims to be a legitimate e-pharmacy. Furthermore, by searching the online pharmacy, we didn’t find any details about the pharmacy being accredited by The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) or any other relevant body. Also, the e-pharmacy has a blog with no posts at all, although it has been in the online pharmacy business for a longer time. Before giving a verdict, let’s find out more about the pharmacy operation.

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Can You Buy Pills Without a Prescription Here?

One benefit of purchasing medication via KubaPharm is that it’s cheap & exciting. Periodically, what transpires is that the offered meds from the vendor can only be bought with a prescription, & obtaining a prescription isn’t that easy. It demands you to have multiple appointments with a physician & confirm to them that your drug need is legitimate. From a local pharmacy or an online that requires a prescription, failing to get the prescription would become impossible to get the medication.

KubaPharm furnishes the solution to this. It doesn’t require any prescription or warranty of recommendation.

Types of Drugs Available to Order from KubaPharm

KubaPharm offers several health products to treat illnesses. The e-pharmacy has the meds categorized based on the health conditions they treat on the menu of its website. The drug category includes the following:

  • anxiety;
  • insomnia;
  • pain relief;
  • a stimulant, e.g., Ecstasy;
  • weight loss;
  • research chemicals such as 2-Fluorodeschloroketamine (2-FDCK) & isotonitazene powder;
  • uncategorized health products such as Vyvanse.

Certainly, we urge you to use the search bar given on the vendor’s website to look if it offers the med you require.

Although the e-pharmacy received a warning letter from the FDA about the sale of ADHD med, Adderall, it still offers it. Adderall has a high possibility for addiction & abuse. Vending it without a legit prescription & without the supervision of a licensed physician places a user at peril for abuse & addiction + other potentially harmful effects linked with the med quality.

What About Special Offers, Coupons, and Discounts?

KubaPharm is an e-pharmacy that supplies health products at a discounted cost. Its med pricing is indeed very low compared to buying it from a local pharmacy. Indeed, Americans typically pay the highest prices for brand-name meds because, unlike in Canada & considerable countries across the globe, the US regulatory drug bodies don’t impose price controls on pharmaceutical firms.

KubaPharm’s company is solely one of the hundreds of e-drugstores that have proliferated in contemporary years, periodically offering drug discounts of more than 80% off U.S. brand-name med costs.

Besides, at the time of writing this KubaPharm review, although the vendor’s med pricing is affordable, it doesn’t offer other money-saving experiences such as the use of coupon codes, discounts, & profitable offers. Nonetheless, you still get the med you need at an extraordinarily low price. That’s insanely great!

How about the use of an insurance plan? Does this vendor tolerate it? No, regrettably, the vendor doesn’t mention anything about such plans. Though, it offers a $20 promo code for the first shopping just for signing up for the vendor newsletter. The only thing that might not be appropriate for shoppers is when checking out. At the time of writing this guide, a shopper MUST buy products costing a minimum of $200.00 before checking out. That implies that when shopping from the vendor, the minimum expenditure a shopper needs to have is $230+.

Payment Methods

Compared to some other e-pharmacies we’ve reviewed in the past from our blog, it may be uncontroversial to say that KubaPharm has a limited payment method. At the time of penning this review, it accepts credit cards like Zelle & Gift cards. We are not sure if it accepts Skrill & PayPal, since it only places a footer banner with the respective company logos. As an advantage & as stated by the vendor, it stores shoppers’ payment info, whichever approach is used to check out.

Delivery Details

As revealed by the vendor, it ships its products to the US, the UK, NZ, France, Canada, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Singapore, the Middle East, Korea, Japan, & across the globe.

Product shipping is fulfilled using two shipping methods:

  • Standard International Shipping (SIS) Rate, which costs $30 and takes 2 to 14 days for global delivery. Take note that the time for delivery is established by the amount of duration it takes to obtain payment authorization, order processing, & also the transit time from the carrier. As mentioned by the vendor, an email is given once the order has been shipped to the shopper. From the moment that a shopper receives an email notifying that an order has been dispatched, the shipping time formally begins;
  • Express Shipping: This method costs $50 and takes 1-3 days for the global parcel delivery. The procedure & email notification is similar to the earlier mentioned parcel shipping method.

KubaPharm company offers a tracking tool on its website. Upon receiving a tracking number (probably via email), a shopper can use the pharmacy website to track the order.

Refund Policy of KubaPharm

As stated by the e-pharmacy, it doesn’t receive medication back after being dispatched due to federal & local laws. However, if in the unlikely event an order didn’t arrive or gets lost, KubaPharm pharmacy will issue an instantaneous refund or send another parcel as per the buyer’s request.

Once a shopper receives the meds, KubaPharm will only provide a complete refund if the product is defective, damaged during shipping, or has expired. If there are any issues with the order, a buyer should notify KubaPharm within one week of receipt at The claim will be carefully studied, & suitable steps will be handled immediately to avoid comparable issues in the future.

As mentioned by the vendor, if a shopper feels entitled to a reimbursement, a notification should be made directly to the pharmacy rather than contacting the credit card company. KubaPharm can’t offer reimbursement if a shopper first makes a claim instantly with a credit card company.

KubaPharm will only provide reimbursement for complaints accepted within 60 days from the date of the shipment.

Drugstore Location & Contact Details

Got questions? Call the vendor 24/7! Certainly, KubaPharm e-pharmacy can be contacted using the details given on its e-pharmacy website:

  • Support: (513) 760 0548
  • Email:
  • Its physical address is 20411 Neuralia Rd, California City, CA 93505 US.

The pharmacy doesn’t have an online chat. However, it can be contacted using its website’s “Contact Us” page. By filling out the form given, the support will get back to the shopper ASAP.

Our Rating

This has been our in-depth KubaPharm pharmacy review. The e-pharmacy has been around for a few years. However, its many downsides make it challenging to trust. One of the pointers is the reality that it was labeled a rogue website by LegitScript at the time of writing this guide.

Also, KubaPharm has negative customer reviews on Trustpilot. The users who left negative reviews complained of being befooled by the website: they went on about how the pharmacy inquired for more money for the parcel delivery. Also, the FDA gives the pharmacy a warning for selling Adderall, a drug that’s only sold with a prescription, although the vendor offers it without a prescription until today. This further leaves our trustfulness in the e-drugstore to deliver remarkably quite shaky.

Another feature is the vendor blog. It has been in pharmaceutical realism for more than 2 years and has not offered any informational content on its blog. That’s a big letdown. Besides, a shopper must shop for products worth $200+ – anything below that can’t be transacted.

We don’t recommend sourcing your health products from this pharmacy. Consider other options by searching our website for the pharmacy that has been demonstrated to satisfy consumers time after time. We give this pharmacy a rating of 2 out of 5 stars.

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