Most phony online pharmacies lack satisfactory safeguards to protect a shopper’s personal & financial info. Some rogue vendors take away the order payments with unfulfilled parcel delivery or even intentionally misuse or sell your info to other rogue websites & Internet scams. As a rule of thumb, it’s always wise to get to know the operation of an e-pharmacy before deciding to shop from them.

LemonaidHealth Review

As usual, we review various online drugstores while giving you a verdict on whether the online pharmacy is worth your shopping experience or not. In this guide, we review pharmacy. Is the vendor legit? Is it a safe website? How does it work? What products does it sell? Does it offer money-saving experiences? How about its shipping info, pharmacy location, & refund policy? Read this in-depth guide to know more about the e-drugstore before placing the add-to-cart button. Let’s get started.

Trustworthy Online Service Providing Medical Consultations and Medicines

What is Lemonaid Health? Undoubtedly, it’s a trustworthy online pharmacy focused on transforming the future of healthcare. Its core mission is to build a globe where inexpensive health care of exceptional quality is available from the convenience of home, & the pharmacy is indeed growing swiftly to make it happen. Certainly, Lemonaid Health was established with one goal: to bring more convenient, inexpensive health care to all Americans.

Men across the US adore Lemonaid Health because its physicians provide great care with insanely great customer service. Besides, its mail-order pharmacy, based in St Louis, Missouri, proffers transparent fair med pricing with free quick delivery in discreet packaging.

The e-pharmacy was established in San Francisco in 2013 to enhance healthcare in the U.S. & has since assisted hundreds of thousands of patients to get access to super quality care from the comfort of their homes.

The e-pharmacy is a team of medically licensed professionals, health & wellness coaches, pharmacists as well as patient support specialists. It’s indeed patient-obsessed & ruthlessly driven to bring excellent & cheap healthcare to all. As stated by the vendor, they always celebrate when it “wow”’s a patient. It’s on a mission to directly influence the lives of millions of individuals positively by aiding them to lead happier & healthier lives.

The e-pharmacy saves the patient time & money by creating it feasible to get great care without having to visit an in-person physician. This means a patient doesn’t require spending ages on the telephone attempting to reserve an appointment, to journey to & from the physician’s office, or to even sit in a waiting room.

The vendor also has its mail-order pharmacy so that if you value the comfort of pharmaceutical delivery, Lemonaid Health has got you protected. Its consultation fee for most services is just $25. It’s indeed less than the valuation of most insurance copays, even before you take into contemplation the time & stress the pharmacy saves you.

Furthermore, the vendor charges just the following amount:

  • $75 for primary care visits;
  • $10 to $65 for lab testing;
  • $95/month subscription for ongoing care for depression & also anxiety, including meds.

Some of its services — like its depression as well as anxiety service — are certainly a flat fee per month that comprises consultations & any meds Lemonaid Health pharmacy prescribe & ship.

Is Lemonaid Health Legit?

Yes. Lemonaid Health is a legitimate online pharmacy & is BBB accredited. It functions nationally, in every state, & also in Washington DC. It operates through 4 medical groups & its medical bloc makes all clinic decisions.

Certainly, Lemonaid Health is a nationwide online physician’s office. Its services are furnished by one of its 4 medical groups. All these medical groups certainly do their commercial & pharmacy activity as “Lemonaid Health.”

In all states available apart from New Jersey, Texas, & Kansas, the e-pharmacy services are undoubtedly furnished by LMND Medical Group, Inc., A Professional Corporation, accomplishing business as Lemonaid Health.

In Kansas, the e-drugstore services are indeed furnished by LMND, A Professional Association, with registered headquarters 112 SW 7TH Street, Suite 3C, Topeka, KS 66603.

Furthermore, in New Jersey, the e-pharmacy services are furnished by LMND Professional Corporation, with registered headquarters 820 Bear Tavern Road, West Trenton, NJ 08628.

Also, in Texas, e-pharmacy services are provided by LMND, A Professional Association, with registered headquarters in 1999 Bryan Street, Suite 900, Dallas, TX 75201. Its team is based at 870 Market Street, Suite 415, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA. You can certainly call them on 415-926-5818.

You may ponder who owns Lemonaid — the e-pharmacy was acquired by 23andMe in October 2021.

Grab Free Samples

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Is It Possible to Order Pills Without a Prescription Here?

The pharmacy advises its patients to see a medical specialist in person rather than use the vendor’s online service. Additionally, a health questionnaire (with consultation fee) is first required by the pharmacy before ordering any needed med. Lemonaid Health medical team observes strict policies to make sure it only writes a patient a prescription when it’s safe & suitable to do so. Certainly, if it’s not in your most satisfactory interest to use the e-pharmacy based on what you inform them about your health record or signs, the vendor advises you to see a physician or a nurse practitioner in person & the vendor will certainly refund your consultation fee. However, you may also consider other best alternative vendors reviewed from our website.

In the United States, provisions that control ‘telemedicine’ vary from state to state. Some states mandate a shopper to have a short video consultation with the Lemonaid Health team, other states need a phone call, while some states don’t mandate a phone call or a video. There may be something so concerning that would certainly prompt a physician to like to see you face-to-face first before prescribing the needed med.

In most states, Lemonaid Health aims to examine everything within 24 working hours — its working hours are Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm; Pacific Time. On Saturday & Sunday, the vendor work from 8 am to 12 pm Pacific Time.

Erectile Dysfunction Remedies Offered

You have erectile dysfunction (ED) if you can’t gain & keep an erection satisfactory for sex, even though you’re indeed sexually stimulated. ED isn’t the same as premature ejaculation (PE) & ED isn’t the same as lacking sex drive, having a low passion to have sex, or experiencing low libido. PE is certainly ejaculation that transpires too prematurely before you’re ready. This condition induces distress & embarrassment.

ED meds Lemonaid Health stock include the following:

  • generic Viagra (sildenafil);
  • generic Cialis (tadalafil).

The e-pharmacy also offers PE meds, but it doesn’t disclose on its online pharmacy which brand of PE it sells. Dapoxetine is the most popular PE med.

Lemonaid Health’s medical team treats impotent men aged 25 to 72 and can prescribe inexpensive ED meds. You can see the med prices on its website & app. Certainly, the prices listed include free swift parcel delivery in plain packaging. The e-pharmacy also offers monthly delivery for 11 refills, but a shopper can cancel anytime. If you’d like, you can request up to 3 refills at a time — just give the vendor a call or send a message.

More Pills in

Aside from PE and ED meds, Lemonaid Health offers various categories of health treatments. Some of the mentioned categories of meds include the following:

  • anxiety;
  • flu;
  • cholesterol;
  • in-lab Covid-19 test;
  • health & wellness coaching;
  • high blood pressure;
  • stop smoking;
  • depression;
  • insomnia;
  • cold sore;
  • genital herpes;
  • acid reflux;
  • blood pressure;
  • primary care complete;
  • migraine;
  • birth control;
  • acne;
  • asthma;
  • skin;
  • general health;
  • dark spots;
  • UTI;
  • sinus infection;
  • hot flashes;
  • STDs test;
  • cholesterol test;
  • mental;
  • hypothyroidism;
  • A1C blood sugar test;
  • blood type test.

For any med you need like ADHD meds such as Sertraline & Adderall, or depression drugs such as Xanax, just click the category of drugs to check if the vendor offers. Consider that consultation is the first process before paying for the desired med.

Profitable Promo Codes, Coupons & Discounts

Because the vendor offers its meds at cost-effective prices, it enables its shoppers to save up to 70% off their first order. Its ED meds start at $2 per tab since they are generic.

However, the vendor doesn’t offer other visible profitable promo codes, coupons, & discounts on its pharmacy website & doesn’t disclose how its promo codes work. The e-pharmacy “terms of use” page states that its promotional codes aren’t redeemable for cash & its affiliates reserve the right to change or withdraw any offered promotional offers at any time. Unless otherwise stated by the vendor, promotions can’t be mixed or used with other available discounts.

It also offers online coaching, which sometimes comes with seasonal discounts. At the time of writing this review, it also offers $10 off your first order & a $10 off sitewide.

What Payment and Delivery Options Does the Company Offer?

Lemonaid Pharmacy ships its low-cost health products in 2-3 working days with USPS. The shipped parcel is in plain packaging & the shopper doesn’t need to sign for the delivery. The vendor only ships 3 packs at a time.

In some scenarios where a shopper wants to postpone or withdraw a planned delivery from the e-pharmacy, it recommends the shopper to just login into the online pharmacy account & send a message to them. Or call them on 415-926-5818 if you favor. The vendor promised to aim to pick up all shopper calls within three rings. Certainly, services are discreet & shopper service is extremely helpful. The personnel is very knowledgeable & their answers are exceedingly quick via message. Lemonaid Pharmacy is certainly an outstanding e-pharmacy to order drugs from.

The only concerning thing is that the e-pharmacy doesn’t disclose its order payment options, the destinations it ships to (we believe only within the USA territories), and the package tracking info. Probably, such info can be disclosed after the shopper has passed through the health examination process & gotten an OK to proceed to checkout.

Does Pharmacy Have an Affiliate Program?

Although affiliate programs are a very efficacious mode of earning passive online income, through referrals and other techniques, Lemonaid Health Pharmacy doesn’t offer such a program.

Certainly, the affiliate program offered by most vendors comes in the form of seasonal discounts, offers, & promo codes, but the e-pharmacy doesn’t offer any of such details at the time of writing this review. The most appealing thing about the vendor is that its drug prices are extremely low, and an American can certainly afford it.

Refunds Policy

Although the e-pharmacy doesn’t mention how it operates in terms of refunds, in its terms of use, it states that it’s not responsible for errors in the prices or descriptions of any product it offers. Refunds & exchanges are subject to Lemonaid Health’s &/or any applicable third party’s refund & exchange policies in effect at the time of the relevant transaction.

What Are the Other Features of Lemonaid Health Pharmacy?

As a legit and reliable vendor that takes a customer-first approach, it has a very informative blog, FAQs page, & every drug page is full of essential drug info for a shopper to be informed before taking an action. Undoubtedly, it also has a mobile app that mixes telemedicine & prescription delivery to get its customers feeling better fast.

Its extensive FAQ page gives answers, not only about the e-pharmacy platform but also concerning each health condition that its healthcare specialists treat.

The mobile app makes it straightforward to schedule an arrangement with a medical professional. After consulting with a physician or nurse practitioner, the e-pharmacy will deliver your online prescriptions so you can obtain what you require without exiting the house.

Undoubtedly, with the Lemonaid medical app, it’s more comfortable than ever to select the type of healthcare a patient needs & complete an online assessment to give the vendor an idea of the patient’s health history.

Pharmacy Location & Contact Information

Lemonaid Pharmacy mail-order vendor is established in St Louis, Missouri, & is always available when you need a solution for anything you want to be resolved. Lemonaid Health is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

Its team can be contacted from 8 am to 6 pm PST Monday to Friday & also from 7 am to 4 pm PST on weekends. No wait time. Just call them at 415-926-5818 for live help or just to let them know about your experience with the Lemonaid telehealth pharmacy or just with any questions or concerns about your privacy privileges while visiting its website or using its app.

Additionally, if you create an account with the e-drugstore, it will certainly communicate with you via telephone, e-mail, SMS/text message, & also via secure messaging within its website or app. You can even contact them on how to cancel an order.

Please contact e-pharmacy with any questions or situations concerning the vendor privacy policy using this address:

Lemonaid Health

  • Attn: HIPAA Privacy Officer
  • 870 Market Street # Suite 415
  • San Francisco, CA 94102
  • Phone number: 415-926-5818
  • Email:

The only downside this vendor has about its contact info is a lack of an online chat. This type of communication is instant, and any concern can be resolved instantly without spending any dollar.

Our Rating

LemonaidHealth professionals comprise medical physicians & nurse practitioners. They’re competent to treat 30+ conditions, & each illness has its guidelines & process for treatment. After a consultation, as required by the vendor, a shopper may get a prescription for a needed med offered by the Lemonaid pharmacy.

Based on our review pointers & testing, Lemonaid Health is indeed a solid telemedicine provider & undoubtedly, we can suggest that you give them a try. It offers you a lot of benefits. Nonetheless, it has a poor rating of 2.8 out of 5 on the review platform & at the time of writing this review, the pharmacy support hasn’t replied to negative complaints & reviews for the past year. Unlike other legit vendors that operate globally, Lemonaid Health seems to only work in the USA. The downside is its huge fees for consultations, etc., which also add a burden to the patient where economic factors are their priority.

Based on various rating factors we conduct, we give Lemonaid Health a rating of 3.6 out of 5. The pharmacy doesn’t disclose important info like customer-tailored money-saving experiences, payment options, and a clear refund policy. Also, it doesn’t have a live online chat to make it swift for patients to contact them freely while browsing the online pharmacy website.

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