Shopping has moved online because of the endless benefits associated with it. However, with the infinite number of e-pharmacies, deciding which one to buy from can be daunting. Review

The ideal vendor should be affordable, offer discounts, money-back guarantee, fast shipping, and have flexible payment options. After reviewing a dozen online pharmacy stores, we’ve put together this Canadian Health&Care Mall review to help decide if it is worth patronizing.

Safe Pharmacy with Taking Care of Your Health

This pharmacy offers a wide variety of drugs, including erectile dysfunction (ED) meds such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. It also has many other medications for the treatment of eye defects, depression, allergy, sleep disorders, gastro health, asthma, skin problems, diabetes, cholesterol, etc.

But is it safe? Can it be trusted for high-quality pills approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and fast delivery when you desperately need to refill your meds? Well, the straight-up answer is Not Exactly. You’ll find out why in the sections that follow.

Is Canadian Health&Care Mall Pharmacy Legitimate?

Canadian Health&Care Mall pharmacy boasts of being loved by many for its exceptional attention to customer queries. This is to emphasize the idea that it typically responds to questions and gives helpful feedback.

However, most reviews stemming from individuals who have made purchases on the platform tend to sing different songs. These include dozens of complaints anchored on terrible customer service, false deliveries, and low-quality products. A few customers have even reported experiencing credit card compromise.

On the other hand, a few individuals have put in a good word for the vendor and maintain that it is legit. Many of them have reported receiving high-quality pills in due time via free shipping and at very affordable prices.

With this, is it safe to say that the Canadian Health Care Mall is a go when it comes to sourcing products to take care of your health needs? Well, let’s consider other aspects of it.

Can You Buy Pills Without a Prescription?

Yes, Canadian Health and Care Mall sells drugs without prescription. Like most other e-pharmacies, the vendor ships from Asia, and thus, prescriptions from the UK, the US, among other countries, will be invalid. In a nutshell, purchases are usually straight forward: navigate to select required pills, add to cart, and then checkout.

Grab Free Samples

Fast delivery despite covid. I got the samples just paid for the delivery. I did not know which type of pill work for me. So getting the samples seemed to be the best way to get what works for me. I have never had any problems with either the product, shipping or billing. They truly are the gold standard for ED medications.

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Medications to Improve Sexual Force

Canada Health & Care Mall provides a wide range of medications for the treatment of ED and premature ejaculation (PE). They include:

  • Generic Viagra;
  • Brand Viagra;
  • Generic Cialis;
  • Kamagra;
  • Generic Levitra;
  • Generic Female Viagra;
  • Generic Priligy;
  • Brand Cialis;
  • Cialis Super Active;
  • Kamagra Oral Jelly;
  • Malegra DXT;
  • Generic Viagra Professional;
  • Generic Cialis Daily;
  • Cialis Professional.
  • Generic Viagra Super Active, etc.

The pharmacy has its focus on the generic versions of the famous Viagra drug. However, it equally has the branded version available.

What Other Types of Drugs Are in Canadian Health&Care Mall?

Besides the ED and PE drugs, Canadian Health&Care Mall equally sells many other medications for the treatment for varying health conditions. On its website, these drugs can be found adequately categorized. They are as follows:

Pain Relief
  • Zanaflex;
  • Indocin;
  • Lioresal;
  • Celebrex;
  • Imitrex, etc.
Anti Fungal
  • Diflucan;
  • Sporanox;
  • Nizoral;
  • Lamisil;
  • Grisactin, etc.
  • Wellbutrin SR;
  • Lexapro;
  • etc.
  • Doxycycline;
  • Flagyl;
  • Amoxil, etc.
  • Periactin;
  • Zyrtec;
  • Allegra, etc.
Women’s Health
  • Lady Era
  • Diflucan;
  • Nolvadex;
  • Estrace;
  • Generic Clomid, etc.
Sleeping Aids
  • Meloset.
Blood Pressure
  • Lasix;
  • Tenormin, etc.
  • Lipitor;
  • Lopid;
  • Zetia;
  • Zocor, etc.
  • Ventolin pills;
  • Ventolin Inhaler;
  • Combimist L Inhaler, etc.
Weight Loss
  • Generic Orlistat;
  • Acai Berry.
  • Brand Retino-A Cream;
  • Generic Retin-A Cream;
  • Brand Temovate;
  • Generic Fulvicin;
  • Generic Retin-A Gel, etc.
Gastro Health
  • Motilium;
  • Protonix;
  • Generic Nexium, etc.
Eye Drop
  • Bimat + Applicators;
  • Lumigan + Applicators;
  • Xalatan 0.005%;
  • Careprost + Applicators;
  • Careprost, etc.
  • Glucophage;
  • Prandin;
  • Generic Glucotrol, etc.
Anti Viral
  • Zovirax;
  • Combivir;
  • Generic Valtrex, etc.
Quit Smoking
  • Wellbutrin SR;
  • Zyban;
  • Wellbutrin, etc.
  • Nolvadex;
  • Cytoxan;
  • Zofran, etc.

The pharmacy has several other drugs under each of these categories that have not been added to this list. You can find the complete drugs` list on the vendor’s home page.

Coupons, Discounts, and Profitable Offers

Canadian Health&Care Mall provides profitable offers, discounts, and coupons. For example, it gives customers 4 free Viagra or Cialis tabs with every order. They also provide a free delivery option for purchase from $150. However, besides that, it does not provide specifics on its other available discounts and offers. Customers interested in getting them may have to subscribe to its newsletters to gain access to its special offers. They may equally need to browse the website more frequently to find coupons posted periodically, or contact the pharmacy via email support if they don’t see any. The support email or contact form can be found on the vendor’s Help Center page.

Shipping Details and Payment Options

Based on the information posted on the vendor’s website, it ships domestically in Canada, as well as to the US and to other parts of the world. It makes mention of the need for customers to check a list on its website to confirm if their country is part of its shipping destination before placing orders. However, we couldn’t find any such list on any of the pages on its website.

Canada Health & Care Mall fulfills orders via either Regular Airmail or Express Courier. The latter is the faster shipping option with a waiting period of approximately 8 – 14 days. However, it is only open to US residents. On the other hand, the Regular Airmail is for international shipping, and its delivery speed varies from 10 – 21 days. Orders under $200 aren’t covered by insurance, so it’s better to pay a couple of dollars to buy such in case of failed delivery. While those over the mark come with free insurance protection. Regardless, there have been several complaints from customers about not receiving their orders.

The vendor uses discreet packaging during deliveries for customer privacy purposes. It specifies that shipments are trackable. You can track the order as soon as a package has been dispatched.


The payment options available on the platform include Visa / American Express, MasterCard, and Echeck. The vendor does not accept Health Savings cards, Discover cards, and Flexible Spending cards. It points to high processing fees as the reason why it doesn’t accept these methods of payments.

Pharmacy Location & Contact Information

Canadian Health and Care Pharmacy indicates that it is located at 2425 Matheson Blvd E, Mississauga, ON L4W 5K4, Canada. However, a few of its past customers have questioned this address via reviews after attempting to reach out to the pharmacy with no luck.

The pharmacy provides several email addresses through which it can be contacted for inquiries and a mobile number. The available contact information is as follows:

Phone number:

+1 (289) 8042 782

Customer support:

Discounts and coupons questions:

Reporting abuse: or call them.

It is worth noting that this pharmacy hardly ever replies to emails. It’s been well over 24 hours since we tried to reach out with customer-like complaints, and there’s been no feedback. This confirms the negative feedback several customers have given. The contact number is reachable, but no useful help comes from it, especially when it concerns issues with order fulfillment. What’s more, customers have reported its customer service operatives to be rude.

Our Rating

This pharmacy has been in operation for over 17 years (as indicated on its website footer section). However, from our sniffing and customer reviews, we find that its services are inadequate and highly unprofessional. The negative feedback from its individuals who previously patronized it is endless, and this is a big red light!

For starters, it has low-quality products, terrible customer service, unguaranteed deliveries, and worst: there are risks of card compromise. The pharmacy sure offers attractive prices, but without any guarantee of orders being fulfilled, it’s a scam.

Having factored all this into consideration, we give this pharmacy 2.0 on a rating scale of 5-stars. We do not recommend it for the purchase of Viagra, alternative ED meds, or any other kind of medication. If you must patronize it, we advise you to do so at your own peril.

A few vendors you can trust for high-quality pills and guaranteed delivery are ViaBestBuys, CialisBit, and HighStreetPharma. They are a few of the pharmacies we’ve sniffed and found reliable and trustworthy.

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